Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yesterday i realize my POSB Card is broken so this morning after i accompany my mum to NUH for appointment i went to make a new card or else i can't do anything with this broken card & besides that from a normal card i upgraded the card, below are the photos i taken the broken & a new Card :D

[Below are the Normal POSB Card]

[Below is the new POSB Card that i'm currently taking on my hands now, GO!]

Today's CG Meeting was okay just that we have a VIP during our meeting she is none other then BeeLeng! :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is a day of moodless day don't have anything on today decide to stay @ home but in the end i went out for lunch & until now i still @ BBatok area my house downstair think of going my friend house @ woodlands but before i go i need to accompany my mum to buy things in the supermaket first & now is started to rain so still consider want to go his place or not...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Had a great day today @ JurongEast for swimming together with Sazwandy & one of his friend we met @ Bt Batok 8:30am or 9am then took bus 187 over there by the time we reached there is already raining so we walk under the rain instead of walking under the sun but some of my classmates didn't join us for today outing but is okay!!! before we swim & after we swim we drink deezzer.

Heres a question when i bought the beezzer? Last night after i went to Sazwandy's house i went over to my house Shop&Save to take a look when is the promotions over & how many stocks lift then i saw only have eight bottles so without considering i bought two bottles total is $6 but this morning i went over to the shop there not is no stock so lucky last night i bought for those two bottles.

Then we took bus to Vivo City to have lunch over there. After there Sazwandy friend bought a nice poker cards cost $12 so the day files fast then we took bus 963 go home.

I dropped @ YusofIshahSecSch busstop & walk over to a mama shop the one near the coffee shop look out how much the items selling @ but is cheaper then the supermaket too so before the chalet start i'll buy as many as i can then bring it to my friend Sazwandy house...

Yea i finish blogging now its for me too stop now :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Last night i sleep @ 4.30am but before that i was watching two movies with my mum so this morning i woke up @ 11am ready to meet the classmates @ Yishun by 2pm but in the end one of the classmate not going & so the rest also choice not to go so this classmate of mine most of the time he is the first one who wants go for the outing but in the end he is the first one who ended up he is not going for the outing & ofcos i won't be going out with such a bastard like this cos this is not worth it @ all.

Is so happy to have the holidays nowadays people schooling i go play, drink and etc!!! & i have counted in total for this month i need to spend $30/- on _ & $50/- on entertainment but i'll spend more that i think but in the other w

This afternoon i went over to Sazwandy's house @ 2pm & stayed until now 6:30pm, we keep playing poker cards & play Xbox by the way tomorroow is a day we going swimming & drinking plus after that we will be heading to Vivo but not with that fxxking bastard ,meeting @ Bt Batok Inter by 7:30am hopefully i can wake up on time by 6:30am.

Alright i got to go now so i'll stop here and in next few days :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is here to blog once again. This morning woke up @ 10am but this morning i'm suppose to sleep until 1 or 2pm but in the end is the wearther don't allow me to sleep cos is too cold already then no choice walk off my bed after that first thing first i find something to eat so decided to eat 5slices of while plain bread & boiled 4eggs so i had a full breadfast :)

In the afternoon my mum called me to go down and had lunch but for me is not a ng cos i had my breadfast @ 11am then in the afternoon i had my lunch @ 1:30pm so now you should know why am i so ''big size''. After my lunch ShuXian wants me to meet her @ Keming Busstop & we took bus 174 to Boonlay so then we changed bus to church. During the service i keep laughing for 2reason but is related to someone la of cos. Standard had my prawn noodle as for my dinner @ ''BEST'' we still have like 11months more can eat the food @ ''BEST''.

So lastly in the night after we had our dinner @ ''BEST'' we took MRT to Somerset walked around shopping 313.

Alright i would like to stop here, currently now using my phone to type what i wanted to pose in the blog so now i'm in the bus home reaching home very soon in 10mins i think??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This morning is a hard time for me to get out from bed is because last night i turn to bed is @ 1am then after that i need to spend 30mins to 40mins of my time then get into the sleeping mode so roughly 1:45am i'm in the wonder land.


This afternoon i had a PE lesson but eventually i didn't turn up for the PE lesson the last time i go for PE lessoon is 3weeks ago.


Spectacle shop gave me a call @ 5:30pm said ''Are you able to come down my shop now? cos now i have the screw for your spectacle already'' so i walked there & in the end REPAIRED! For the past few days is not really good for me to ware such spectacle without the screw before that i feel like buying a new spectacle but now i don't need it already.

So tmr Wednessday, Thursday & Friday will be the most hard time for me cos i got to wake up @ 6:30am? That really kills me alot even in my Sec Sch life last year i wake @ 6:45am every morning reach school before 7:30am or else consider late after that but most of the time i reached school very on time e.g. 7:28am or 7:29am so i don't have any reports say me i'm late for school :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

This afternoon lifeskill lesson had been canceled but right after the morning lesson some of my classmates stayed back with my teacher to discuss the Class Chalet on 31.03.10 so for me i will be helping out in set up of the BBQ fire on that day but the bad thing is on that day need to be @ Whitesand Shopping Mall by 7.30am, i intend to stay @ my friend house on 30.03.10 so i think that will be great cos heard from them said that there a bus around in Woodlands to PasirRis.

Today the same thing went to Sazwandy house again cos is the only place to gather & play his Xbox L4D2 until @ 6pm i leave his home rush down to Bt Batok to meet my dad.

Today noting much to blog just to update my blog before it dies again for 3months ago.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yea! I'm back here to blog since the last post is on last year December. Alright recently i happy over the church news, next year for our church services will be moving & have service @ Suntec by March & currently the church is @ Jurong West St 91 but somehow i feel like giving more amount for this year building fund that i had never expected before at all.

I also have a small testimony but yet in God eyes is BIG actually :D Around between the Feb end of the month & March on the first week in the Cell Group Jodie prayed for healing the rushes for me, in the first i don't feel anything but slowly and the time passed-by i realize just now while i was bathing i had a slightly smooth skin so this is the Power of prayer & now Jesus is a Doctor too cos I'm healed in Jesus name our lord!

Recently I'm also looking for Part-time Job to work on the Sunday's only cos i feel that is not enough to give using my saving as for my building fund if i don't work.

I want to Thank God!
  • For giving me a new fresh year/life for my studies in Belestier ITE as i never get a chance to blog or mention for the last few days/weeks/month.
  • Although i have bad&good points this year in my life in school but you are the one who let me keep on believing in you no matter what problem that i have facing too.
  • & lastly you give me faith to step out & to give more building fund amount, i had a word in my mind just can't recall who said this "How much you give God is determine how much you love God" this really stay on my mind really long & the other word is "How much you love the person is determine how much love you give the person.".
*P/s: If you want to comments or give me tag on this blog you may type in my Facebook wall, Thx. :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Find out something in Yahoo! This related to all of the future NS Men/Guy. Read more in this Website URL http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20091204/tap-481-changes-ns-basic-military-traini-231650b.html

After i reading it i'm so surprise in this paragraph "Releasing details on Friday from the its two—stage review, the Singapore Armed Forces said recruits whose Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 27 will have to undergo the new 19—week BMT programme that is designed to help them improve their physical fitness incrementally while equipping them with basic soldiering skills and knowledge." so its reflected me in Primary&Secondary 1-2 for the excise right after the school end on that time i'm super overweight those who saw me grown up since i was Primary 5 you will know how i look that time and right after i saw this "The Singapore Armed Forces said recruits whose Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 27 will have to undergo the new 19—week BMT programme that is designed to help them improve their physical fitness incrementally while equipping them with basic soldiering skills and knowledge." then from there i search for a website to check my BMI http://www.hpb.gov.sg/hpb/default.asp?TEMPORARY_DOCUMENT=997&TEMPORARY_TEMPLATE=2 I'm also consider "18years old"

Then i type a rough detail like What is the High & Weight

And my result are out now

And thank god i'm not above then 27 but i'm before 27 that is very close to the Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 27 is only 0.2 then reach the exceeds oh my i need to go for more excises and eat lesser.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today won't be blog a lot but i just feel inside my heart let's enjoy the next few weeks of holiday but ofcos before the school starts in ITE i hope to go for night cycling, ''drink & enjoy the night'' & lastly had enough sleep.

P/s: Things that happen to me is becos of what you talk and the friendship between is just gone like that. Pls do watch what you said next time you have already break one of my friend's friendship and lastly stop what you are doing now.

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Name : Chong Jia Hao, Samuel
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Balestier ITE(2010-2012)
Job : IMM Popular(20.10.09-28.11.09)
Birth Date : 28th May 1992
Health : 177cm, Weight??
P/s: I'm a guy, who like his own style no one's control & the most important thing is how you treat me @ first then i will treat you the same too.
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